Workshops & Advanced training

Create your life the way you want

The Body & Brain Wellness centers offer workshops to all ages in a variety of different formats, including:

Initial Awakening Workshop

We all have a lot of habits and emotions. Some of them are known to us and some of them are not. We waste a lot of energy by thinking and worrying about the past and future. This thinking habit is unconscious and non-productive. If we spend a lot of time thinking unconsciously, our physical body senses become overwhelmed and we become numbed to our true circumstance. When our mind is not in the moment, we automatically follow our habits. The purpose of Initial Awakening is to bring our focus to the moment through the core of our body, to increase our awareness and to overcome emotions so that we can use our energy more productively and positively.

Time : 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
Next Schedule : TBD

Finding True Self  Workshop

We have a lot of layers which cover our true nature. They are emotions, preconceptions, thoughts and memories. These layers make our lives challenging and burdensome. Finding True Self training is a journey to find your true self which exists beyond all of your emotions, preconceptions, thoughts and memories. With this training, you will regain self-confidence, eliminate negative personal traits, and achieve more harmonious relationships by attaining a deeper understanding of the people close to you.

Time : Sat.(12:30~7pm) & Sun.(9am~6pm) 

Next Schedule : August 24~25


Power Brain Method

This training will empower and guide you to find the unshakable peace and the limitless creative power within you. Is the life you are living the one you want?  Do you have hopes and dreams?  Do you hold the courage and confidence to achieve the things you want?  And are you able to readily change your patterns of thoughts and emotions in order to achieve the goals that you want?   In order to create the life of your hopes and dreams, you must be able to recognize yourself to be the SOURCE with absolute power of choice, unaffected by any other force outside. Through this realization, you will free yourself from the limitations and obstacles of your emotions, habits, preconceptions, and all kinds of negative beliefs. This will bring you a true mastery over your brain and simultaneously, over your life.

Time : Fri. (6~9pm) & Sat. (9am~7pm) & Sun.(9am~7pm)

Next Schedule : TBD


Self Healing Method (SHM)

This program guides you through an intense trans formative process that leads to deep self-healing, as well as to the ability to heal others. As a healer-in-training, you will learn how to fully utilize the body’s energy system for the creation of vibrant health. You will be equipped to work steadily toward the mastership of body, mind, and spirit through continuous growth.


Next Schedule : July 20, 10am~5pm


Basic Instructor Course

This certification program allows you to become an instructor of Body & Brain Wellness.


Dahn Master Course

Become the true owner of your life, recreate  yourself, bring healing to the world by focusing on the transformation of consciousness.


Meditation Tours

Deepen your spiritual journey through our Meditaton tours in Sedona (AZ, USA), Korea and HSP Ranch (BC, Canada).


Tao Meeting

Join us for timeless wisdom of balanced living.