Body & Brain Wellness Experience…..

I have been practicing this amazing Yoga for almost two years and it has literally changed my life, both from a physical and emotional perspective.  Physically, I have lost inches and weight without even trying and am grateful that the pain in my neck, shoulders and hips are gone, and I have a new found energy!  Emotionally, I feel I am more a peace with myself and the world because of the training offered at this yoga.  The Instructors are loving and kind and they create a safe and inviting environment and supply warm, individual attention to everyone in the class, plus it’s so much fun!

I have tried many different yoga classes and this is not your typical “yoga” where you move quickly from one intense, painful pose to another, with no time for mediation.  This is a unique experience that combines deep stretching, yoga poses, deep breathing, mediation and even some dancing.  The focus is on the seven chakras that takes you from basic grounding to meditative spirituality.  This special training can move blocked energy and the result is feeling fantastic, both mentally and physically.

They offer a variety of courses that encourage both spiritual and physical growth and they are very dedicated in helping their members connect with body, mind and spirit to reach their full potential.

I find that if I have missed a few days or a week or two, my body starts to feel stiff and sore.  Once I return, my body gets moving which requires a balance of body, mind and soul which helps me in all areas of my life.  I cannot imagine my life without this yoga, and I highly recommend it to anyone of any age, in any condition.  It will only make you feel better inside and out!

Loving the yoga - Teresa Fabi

Healing Benefits of Body & Brain Wellness

My dad has had low blood pressure issues all his life and my sister and I inherited that problem. My blood pressure was between 90 and 100. As a teenager, I would faint quite often when I was tired. Over the years, I was able to stabilize it to 100 after trying different natural therapies. My sister has been on medication for years now.

I started with Body & Brain Wellness in December. In March, I noticed that my face was not pale anymore. I had my blood pressure checked that month and it was 123! I could not believe it, it was amazing!

I would like to thank everyone at Body & Brain Wellness for this little miracle, especially Alex who is my yoga teacher and healer.

 - Corinne Guillard

I was diagnosed with an illness which had the potential of being life altering.
With the help from the Body & Brain Wellness Centre, I am now climbing back to vibrant health and energy. Instead of aches and pains as I age, I am on a journey of youthfulness and peace!

- Wendy Hoffman Calgary

I have been doing this training for about 1 year now. I thought I was flexible until I started this training. Now I can say for sure that I am! I also noticed that I recover much faster from sickness. After spending 47 years training in the martial arts (Karate and Aikido), I’ve discovered
this is a practice that combines many elements of martials arts, but one that I can continue as I age.

- Richard Dymond, Calgary

completed the Body & Brain Wellness – 21 Day Journey of Personal Growth Workshop a short time ago. It was a unique body-mind-soul experience of self awareness and self discovery which I enjoyed very much. It provided valuable insight, learning, and benefit on a variety of levels. The training assisted me to become more mindful of my thoughts and emotions, more in-tune with my physical body and its abilities, and much more connected with my heart, soul, and the energy that connects us all. I recommend the workshop to everyone.

- Lori Smith, Calgary