About Us

Mission statement

Our mission at Body & Brain Wellness Centers is to heal individuals and society as a whole. Our work focuses on healing a person’s body and soul which then impacts all of human society and the Earth. We like to think about it as preserving the planet by healing one person at a time.

The four components of our healing approach reflect this belief:


Healing society starts with one person. Healing just one individual has a ripple effect on society as a whole.


Once an individual is healed, that person’s family is, in turn, positively affected. We help to create healthy families by healing individual family members, who then pass on the power of healing to other family members.


As more and more families enjoy health, happiness and peace, it becomes easier to bridge the gap between the current reality and the ideal – a stronger more peaceful culture.


Strong, stable families ensure the stability and strength of society, which in turn impacts the earth. A peaceful culture begins when we can identify people as Earth Citizens, transcending ethnic, cultural and political distinctions.

We strive to actualize this vision through the activities of our Centre, our communities, and in every aspect of our lives.