Why Body & Brain Wellness?

The Body & Brain Wellness Centre is a centre for people who want more than a fitness class. It is a place for people who want to truly reconnect with their body, mind and soul. Here’s how:

Here is what our members especially appreciate:

1. Personalized care When you come to the Body and Brain Centre you are guided individually to help you improve your physical, emotional and or spiritual condition. Included in all memberships are regular personalized health consultations (value $30) which assess your current condition. Also, members are given suggestions to address their specific needs.

2. Education for all levels At the Body & Brain Wellness Centre, it is important to us that our members have the opportunity to understand the principles and practices underlying what we do. Every month we offer education and training events to meet your needs for body, mind, and soul.

3. Class size Body & Brain classes are kept small, making personalized attention possible.

4. We like to know you by name We make a point to get to know you and to enjoy our community of learning and growing together.

5. Tea and sharing All classes finish with tea and sharing about your experience with other members and instructors. It is a great time for deepening understanding.

We welcome you to try our class, or start with a health consultation.