Body & Brain Wellness offer a variety of class formats and workshops with unique brain-based program methods for all ages.
Our philosophy? All of our programs, classes and workshops are designed around the principles of brain wave vibration. This is the process of recovering one’s brain waves to a normal and healthy state allowing your body to heal naturally.

Main Classes and Programs

Group Holistic Body & Brain Class • group class that combines stretching, breathing and relaxation, meditation.

Symptom Focused Healing • a private session with a healer to open energy points in the body. Clients are also given specific exercises customized to each person’s condition and needs.

Brain Wave Vibration • provided in conjunction with the group holistic yoga classes or as a separate class.

Korean Energy Martial Art • a non–combative healing martial art to awaken and develop your inner power.

 Workshops & Retreats • a series of group classes offered in one day or over several days using a combination of exercises, educational lectures, relaxation, and guided meditation techniques to help individuals achieve greater levels of health, happiness and peace.