Body & Brain Class

What is Body & Brain  Class?

Body & Brain  Class offers a combination of stretching, breathing and meditation exercises designed to balance the energy systems of your body, mind and spirit. Body & Brain Class is brain-based and therefore emphasizes the brain because it is the thing that creates and controls every aspect of human life. Health, feeling and experience, physical movement, motivation and purpose- all of these are based on brain activity. All life can be improved by better use of our brains.


Before beginning principal Body & Brain Class exercises,  practitioners are encouraged to warm up the body, especially the core.

Body Tapping
Body tapping is a traditional health practice in much of Asia. In Body & Brain Class body tapping is used as a warm-up exercise to release tension, stimulate circulation and unblock the body’s “energy centers.”

Abdominal Press
Body & Brain Class warm up also features an exercise for strengthening and releasing tension in the lower abdomen. This exercise relaxes the diaphragm and improves general circulation.


Meridian Stretching
In Body & Brain Class the gentle stretching of muscles and joint rotations are designed to help ki (energy) flow more smoothly through the body’s energy channels called “meridians.”

Deep Breathing Postures
Body & Brain Class include special postures to encourage deep abdominal breathing for greater relaxation and activation of the body’s central energy center or “dahn jon.”



Energy Meditation
As practitioners develop greater body awareness and ability to relax, their level of concentration deepens.  Energy Meditation accelerates this process by shifting the focus away from busy thoughts to the physical sensations of the body.

Brain Wave Vibration
Brain Wave Vibration is a form of moving meditation which is easier to master than traditional sitting meditation. Simple rhythmic movement helps to develop concentration and relaxation.

After deep meditation, special Body & Brain stretching and sweeping exercises help to refresh and invigorate the body.


In addition to yoga and meditation Body & Brain Class may include energy martial arts as elements of a class or as special classes. These ancient practices help develop balance, awareness and improved health.

Ki Gong
Ki Gong involves meditative movement and breath awareness that help the practitioner accumulate “Ki” (energy) and develop insight. The simple exercises are suitable for people of all ages and ability levels.